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Max Abric/Paul Dotte



Manutention master Max Abric is a nurse and occupational therapist with extensive experience in manual handling training and adult education. 
The Australian Association of Manutention Practitioners has invited Max from France (the birthplace of manutention) to conduct several courses in Australia.
Paul Dotte, French physiotherapist.
It all began, early in Paul’s career, about 50 years ago, when he was hospitalised with a back injury. During this time he observed and experienced the difficulties that transpired for both the patient and staff. His subsequent work has been directed towards injury prevention and skills training, as well as patient/client comfort.
Monsieur Dotte went on to establish the SIFAM, a training organisation dedicated to safe manual handling across all industries. He collaborated with Richard Chaput, a famous 1980s Olympic weight lifting coach to develop the “Industrial Loads” course.
The non-profit organisation, AAMP was established after Paul Dotte’s visit to
Australia in 1989. Paul and other SIFAM personnel have subsequently conducted
further training courses in Australia, and some Australians have attended training
courses in France.
The AAMP has developed course material under the Australian Qualification
Framework and provides quality assurance guidelines for practitioners and trainers.
Through its accredited, independent trainers, the AAMP offers a range of courses, in both “Health care” and “Industrial Loads”, from two day short courses/modules to 5-day courses, at Certificate 2, 3 and 4 and Diploma level. In all these courses competencies of knowledge and skills are assessed.

Gestos e Activação para Pessoas Idosas - Ergomotricidade e cuidados Gerontológico

Max AbricMax Abric/Paul Dotte
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